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Facebook Marketing

Did you know that Facebook has over 300 million active users?  Half of these actually log on at least once EVERYDAY!! Users span over 150 countries.  This is a goldmine of potential suspects that could quickly turn into prospects.  And Facebook is FREE!!

Would you like to learn how to market your business on Facebook and have people contacting you to purchase products or join your downline??  I am offering a free 76 minute webinar that shows you exactly how to leverage Facebook to make money and sign up new distributors.  Not only that, learn how to use Twitter, Google Adwords, Blogs, Ezines, Youtube and more to generate income even if the person DOESN’T join your business.  I have personally earned almost $200 in a day using this method!!  Sign up here to receive the free Facebook training webinar.

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Ardyss Nutritional Recipes

Ardyss International is well-know for manufacturing the awesome weight loss and reshaping garment, the Body Magic.  But they also provide a multitude of natural nutritional supplements.  These products have gotten rave reviews from users who suffer from migraines, high blood pressure, fibroids, diabetes, and more!  Below, I will share with you a couple of recipes for some common ailments.  Feel free to contact me for information on a specific issue that you have been suffering with.

Arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis is the inflammation, inflexibility, deformity and/or limitation of movements.

Bad Circulation or High Blood Pressure

Fatigue Juice Recipe:

Preparation: Juice the fruits, then mix all ingredients in the blender.

I hope these help alleviate those symptoms without those prescriptions and side effects.  Please leave feedback!